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Is your small business HUB Certified?

If so, join PWC at the NC HUB class at FTCC

July 24, 2019 10:00AM-3:00PM


Click here for more info

Are you interested in learning more about small business certification with NCDOT?

DBE Certification class August 6, 2019 2:00PM-4:00PM


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SBA offers job creation competition!

Organizations looking to expand or begin job specific training programs:

Deadline July 8,2019

For more information: www.sba.gov/match

MaTCH Competition Fact Sheet

NCDOT Office of Civil Rights

June Calendar of Events

Approved NCDOT Work Zone Traffic Control Flagger Training Course Information

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Did You Know?

If your business is NCDOT DBE certified – The DOT has a new partnership with the NC Department of Administration HUB office.  You can quickly HUB certify if you are previously DBE certified. Why is that important? Procurement offices and large contractors can find your business easier if you are listed in these directories.  Click here to learn more

Hurricane Florence Disaster Response & Recovery

In the aftermath of Florence (and probably even before), local vendors and contractors will be looking for contracting opportunities in disaster response and recovery.

The NC Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) counselors can “educate” businesses in your county, city or region on vendor registration processes, where to find disaster recovery opportunities, review bids/proposals and provide guidance during the life of the contract.

There are many contracting opportunities that arise from disaster recovery operations. Emergency Responders need vendors that can clear debris, provide facility support services, furnish necessary supplies, and much more. In the aftermath of a disaster, different aspects of the recovery operations may be led by the federal government through FEMA, state government response programs, city or county emergency response programs, or non-profit organizations like the American Red Cross. There are important steps that businesses must complete to be prepared to participate in any of these opportunities.  NC PTAC can help businesses be better prepared to bid on federal, state and local contracts.

How to get information on disaster response contacts:


If your business needs assistance; programs, loans, business recovery consulting: